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knife engraving dallas

Never Lose Your Keys Again! LED Lenser P5. Boker Black Stainless Straight Razor. Boker Shaving Gear. Made in Solingen, Germany. Forschner Cutlery. This beautiful style of Damast steel is known for its strength and beauty. A unique, sequential number is engraved on the handle of each of these knives, as well as the year of production - It is great for chopping and slicing, and its unique blade doubles as a spatula for scooping up food after it is cut.

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Let our in-house engraving experts add custom text, and you're ready to give a unique gift. Whether you are looking for 25 pieces or 25, we can customize virtually any Swiss Army knife, Leatherman tool, LED Lenser light, or kitchen knife on our site with your corporate logo or special event images. Our complete state-of-the-art imprinting department begins with your logo file and ends with a custom imprint by laser engraver, rotary engraver, ink jet, or pad printer.

Search Products Search Bar. Check Out Our Bestselling Multi-tools. Shop Our Cutlery Sale. Add your logo or image to 25 pieces or more in our Corporate Gifts department.

Custom Engraving. Free Shipping. Swiss Army Knives Shop the Collection. Leatherman Tools Shop the Collection. Multi-tools Shop the Collection. Kitchen Knives and Tools Shop the Collection. Grooming Gear Shop the Collection. Add to Cart. What's New at Swiss Knife Shop.

Learn more. Custom Corporate Gifts Whether you are looking for 25 pieces or 25, we can customize virtually any Swiss Army knife, Leatherman tool, LED Lenser light, or kitchen knife on our site with your corporate logo or special event images.

Search Swiss Knife Shop. What can we help you find?ArlingtonTX ph: ken dallasen graver. Our goal is to provide quality artistry on your firearm or knife at an affordable price.

It all started at a gun show when he met and discussed "The Art of Engraving" with a couple of local artist. Ken later visited with a famous Dallas engraver who told him that he was too old and to "go home and forget about it! He readilly admitts that he made a lot of scrap metal out of perfectly good pieces during that period of learning. In preperation, "The Art of Engraving" by Meeks was absorbed. Don Glasser of GRS's video was reviewed to the point of memorization.

The instructor was to be Sam Alfano. Now some serious education begin as Sam patiently taught us the basics a foundation for the rest of our engraving lives. Sam's constant advise was practice, practice, practice and David Harris continued to encourage.

Years pass and Ken met J. French who renewed the mentoring. New GRS equipment was purchased and proficency jumped again. The addition of the High Speed Rotary handpiece made possible the carving of knife blades. However your can be a fair engraver with good art, and the customers will stand at your door and wait! Your art will follow you beyound this world. If there is pitting, mars or other imperfections, removal sometimes can be done either in house or sent out.

A protectent is generally applied to the metal to prevent oxidation. Finishes such as bluing, plating, etc are sent out.

Ken's Engraving. About Us. Ken Clardy is the artist, engraver and carver to meet your needs. Ken invites you to walk through the photo gallary to view his art. Book you job as soon as you are sure you decided to have some work done. We just need to know if it will be a knife, handgun, rifle or shotgun, etc for time planning purposes. You will keep your treasure until it is called for.

You will want to use it and I do not want to store it. There will be several things for you to do during this period of time.As an avid hunter born and raised in the South Texas area, I began making knives a couple of years ago as a hobby. My hobby then grew into Cabrera Custom Knives as the demand for my handmade knives grew. As most hunters know, nothing is more frustrating than cleaning your animal only to find that your knife is giving out on you before the job is done. I've been in that same situation many times.

I knew there had to be a better solution than carrying two to three extra knives and so my "hobby" was born. Although there are plenty of custom knife makers out there, most are for collectors. I wanted to make a knife for hunters. I started making knives that were very raw and found that those sold quickly. This inspired me to make knives with a little more flare.

As my knife making business has grown my ultimate goal has remained and will always remain the same which is to make a knife that will withstand the use and abuse of an avid hunter's everyday harvest.

I use the stock removal method for my knife blanks with D2 and O-1 as my primary steel of choice. D2 makes an excellent knife that holds an edge longer and resists corrosion more so than O O-1 with its lower alloy content makes it is easier to sharpen but does not hold an edge as long as D2 with its higher alloy content.

I can't wait to hunt with him when I see him again in heaven. I received this awesome handmade custom knife and sheath in the mail this afternoon with a letter stating that Joel had it made for me not a week from my birthday.

Best present I've ever got I am quite satisfied with the two knives you made for me. You have a unique and quite creative way of producing a knife that may be put on display and draw the admiration of many and the next day be used as a tool that will handle the toughest challenges a hunter can put it thru.

knife engraving dallas

Your work is precision craftsmanship and art, all rolled into one The knife came in today, and I am ecstatic. You truly are a master craftsman. I love the file work on the spine. The spalted tamarind is just beautiful. I chose you to make my son's Christmas present because of your reputation of quality knives that would last. But I got more than that, you truly are an artist of knives also We're always trying to find a good knife and Cabrera knives have surely been surprising.

We have gutted, skinned and quartered 2 hogs and 3 deer. Never in my life have I owned one like it with out sharpening the blade I have known Mr.

Cabrera for over 20 years and his work has always reflected a degree of quality and pride that few can match.

A knife made by him is one you will want to keep in the family and pass down for generations I'm a custom knife maker specializing in knives made primarily for hunters but I've been expanding to kitchen knives as well.We use cookies to improve your browsing experience.

By continuing to browse our website you agree to our use of cookies. To learn more about how we use cookies, please review our privacy policy here. Our custom engraving shop is where we combine the pride and practice of producing the finest handguns available with the artistry of world class engraving. I am immensely pleased with the results.

Explore all of the Factory Custom Gun Engraving products and services we offer. Home Customer Service Engraving Services. Engraving Services. Bulino Engraving — traditional and fantasy art, portraits or scenes, seals and insignia. Inlays — available with multiple techniques, elements and materials.

Backgrounds and Shading. Beaded or stippled, simple to intricate — the choice is yours. Polishing, Plating and Finishes. Modeling Sculpture. Precious Metals Gold, Silver, Platinum, etc. Bright Metals Copper, Brass, Bronze, etc. Precious Stones Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds, etc.

Pearl Mother of Pearl Ivory. Beaded Punched Stippled Lined. Simple Moderate Intricate. Entire Revolver or Pistol Distinct Areas. Matte High Bright Differential Blue with some limitations.Great for pinning handles, adding a decorative touch to your knife and other creative crafts.

High Carbon alloy spring steel with chromium added for hardenability. It has good wear resistance. Known for outstanding toughness. Hardening capability of HRC.

Typical chemistry: C. Keep your knife blade in place as you work with a hardened file guide. This tool is useful for squaring off the shoulders of your hidden tang blade. Simply clamp your blade into the guide and hold it against a belt sander. You can also use a file guide for holding your blade while you do complex file work, file slots of guards, hand sand your blade, and more. Get what you need when you want it! The perfect gift for anyone at any time. From Start To Finish.

Lime Green. Hunter Orange. Add to Cart.

Using a Hand Engraver with Diamond Points

Evapo-Rust - Best Rust Remover. Evapo-Rust will remove the blueing. Choose 1 Gallon 5 Gallon 8oz Gel 3. This very fine metal powder is a mesh like talcum powder. PS is 2.

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FG Hardened File Guide. Top Categories. View or Download our Color Catalog Jantz catalog. Notify Me! Email me when available Subscribe to this product to receive notification once it become available.Jim is an artist and master engraver with a master engraver ranking in the Firearms Engravers Guild of America and by the Colt Firearms Company.

Jim engraves on custom rifles, shotguns, pistols and custom knives employing the hand engraving methods. Jim will engrave on the semi-custom and factory firearms and knives with the same enthusiasm as the custom work is done.

His engraving also includes watches and jewelry, intaglio engraving for engraved prints. The engraved prints consist of limited edition and open ended editions. All of these intaglio prints are printed in house on an etching press.

Jim will normally work with a modified arabesque scroll, banknote scroll or English scroll. He will go outside of these scrolls to please the client though. He is competent in all precious metal inlays, including line inlays, scroll inlaid or animal and bird inlays. Game scenes range from the head only to a scene with one or more animals or birds, these game scenes can be completed in a variety of ways. From sculpture steel or gold inlay to using fine line, banknote, bulino or any combination.

Jim prefers to give the scroll a life of its own.

knife engraving dallas

The scroll should be well shaded giving depth, form and life. The flow should take you along and through the scroll and letting your eye flow from the scroll onto the other parts of the firearm, knife or jewelry. Welcome to Jim Blair's website. We do not print-copy Each gun, whether These little firearms are delicate, Most often, we have repaired gunsFrom elegant Crystal to inexpensive trophies and awards for every occasion.

Our plaques are available in walnut, cherry, acrylic, veneer, glass and with standard or piano finish. Many of our acrylic awards come in clear, jade or blue tint. Our corporate awards include a large selection of eagle trophies, star awards and clocks. Controlling the quality of your signage is easy with A-One Engraving. We create beautifully rendered custom name badges that show the pride you have in your people and business.

These name tags all you to engage potential customers with enough information to get the ball rolling. High-quality desk name plates add style and authority to your employees' work areas ensuring that they understand that you value them. And don't forget that unique promotional items allow your contacts to become walking advertisers for your company. Our attractive and useful items will be used and displayed again and again over their long life. And remember, each time they are used they create a favorable impression of your business, service or product.

Awards, Trophies - Dallas, TX. We make it easy for you to call attention to just about anything. Our engraved plastic signs make sure that people circulate in your workspace effectively and efficiently. Read more interesting information on our articles page. Everything from engraved acrylic awards to gun engraving and exquisite crystal awards and trophies is available from our extensive collection.

Our personalization of glass awards and trophies is flawless, and our level of customer service is unsurpassed. Whether you need traditional metal wall plaques or exquisite crystal trophieswe promise quality products at a fair price. For more information and great recognition award ideas, please browse our articles and product line-up.

Sign up to be notified of site specials, sales and discounts! Email Address:. Crystal trophies honor outstanding performance A-One Engraving Services of Dallas, TX offers single source fulfillment for all your recognition program needs.

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